Pièce de résistance! (Review: Brasserie de Paris: Waterkloof)

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Yes, we are setting the bar quite high for a first post/review.  From posting numerous random Zomato and Tripadvisor reviews, we decided to rather start blogging – it is a lot more fun isn’t it!

Noble Savage – he said:

So, it all started by trying to find a place to treat my wife for a very successful event she planned. I knew it had to be a special place, as my wife is quite special (and not in that way). “Fine dining Pretoria” Google results were like a list of Australian inventions; not much there, and nothing you want.

Then I remembered attending a Bastille Day event at Brasserie de Paris. I was impressed by the Modernist design of the building – an exceptionally striking landmark in Waterkloof Ridge. We were interested in the restaurant (specifically because I’m a massive Francophile), and decided to “one day” visit it to celebrate something significant, like a birthday, or resisting the urge to punch a politician in the throat should the opportunity present itself.

So, decision made! I checked out the menu online (great website, by the way), and I think at this point, I should address the elephant in the room: this restaurant can’t exactly be described as affordable. But I thought fuck it, that’s what credit cards are made for.

We arrived (after parking in the staff parking lot – customer parking is around the corner), and were immediately impressed by the building itself. Even the door was remarkable! We were shown to our seats, and my coat was checked (I know, right! RIGHT?!) The staff at the restaurant are like ninjas; they seem to sense when they are needed, sorts you out, and then disappear again. The ambiance inside is classy but cosy; classic without being boring.


Other restaurants in the same price point tends to be overly designed, appealing to people who drive a Range Rover Sport, and have lion statues at their gates. The Brasserie de Paris approach is to let the food speak for itself, and not be overshadowed by unnecessary décor trying to impress the ignorant. And boy, can the food speak for itself!


I started with the French onion soup. This dish is equal parts traditional and fucking fantastic! It’s like a hug wrapped in onion, bread, and cheesy goodness. This was without a doubt the perfect starter for the chilly evening. I then moved on to a dish named “A Taste of Lamb”. The dish is made up of a basil crust rack, rosemary lamb pie, and sun-dried tomato and pine nut loin. Well balanced, and full of the flavours one would expect to complement the perfect lamb. All of this was washed down with a Tokara Cabernet Sauvignon – it might not be a sommelier’s first choice, but to us worked well (the wine list has some incredible wines on it, but most was outside my price range).


Additionally to the A La Carte menu, the restaurant also has a five course degustation menu, available with or without a wine pairing. When we go back, this will definitely be the option we go for – according to the hostess, the portion sizes of this option is slightly smaller, so one need not feel like a bloated, beached whale after the fact.

And we will go back. This was probably one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. And is that not the point of going to a restaurant? Sure, you could eat at home for less, but you’ll not get this experience at home. Unless of course you can hire a bunch of oiled Eunuchs to follow you around, chanting the lyrics to “You’re so vain”. So go on, live a little, and treat yourself to a truly exceptional dining experience.

Boozy Foodie – she said:

(I apologise for the quality of my pics – my phone’s camera obviously can’t handle romantic lighting very well ;))

I find it difficult to find more to add to Noble Savage’s impressions of this fabulous restaurant.  Except to just nod in agreement 🙂  I didn’t have a jacket to check in, but was also very impressed by the service, ambiance and quality of the food and presentation of Brasserie de Paris!


The menu is quite French traditional, which is of course exactly what it is supposed to be!  From the fresh french baguette and butter, to the ‘bite of goodness’ amuse bouche (puff pastry, stir-fried veggies and Crème fraîche – apologies to the chef if I got it a bit wrong) to the delectable chocolate truffle at the end.


The Onion Soup starter was absolutely delicious and very moreish, and I purposefully left the cheese-drapped “croutes” for last – so it was one big mouthful of yumminess.  And don’t you just love the soup bowls?


I ordered the “Trio Fillet” and to quote shamelessly directly from the menu:  “Trio Beef Fillet; crispy bone marrow, truffle butter, wild mushroom duxelles, pommes frites and cognac sauce”.


And I REALLY can’t choose which fillet serving I enjoyed more.  The crispy bone marrow (the little ‘ball’ you see on the photo) was a mouthful of decadence and the truffle butter was heavenly.

We skipped desert, but were served the most delicious chololate truffles when we received our bill. My other half isn’t big on chocolate, but really enjoyed it (to my disappointment, thought I will get both!).

Agree fully, will be back to try the degustation menu!  Thanks Noble Savage, it was such a fabulous treat!


*PS This meal was for our own expense, this isn’t a ‘paid for’ review.





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