A welcome newcomer: Zeppelin Brewery & Bunker Bar

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Noble Savage – he said:
I’m not much of a bar fly. I used to, back in the old days, frequent Die Mystic Boer. But that was a long time ago. So every now-and-then, we would try and find a laid back bar-ish type place to have a drink and hang out with friends. Unfortunately, the options in Pretoria are not great. You either have to shout over the Sokkie Treffers volume 329 blasting from the speakers, or try very hard not to get bliksemmed by a Bulls fan that’s “ ‘n paar kakke agter.” So we basically gave up!

Then we heard of Zeppelin Bunker Bar – actually, we saw photos on Facebook – and it looked like our kind of place. Unpretentious, laid back, interesting. This venue forms part of Blos Café, itself an established establishment (as you walk in, hang a right). The entrance is down a flight of stairs, hence the “bunker” part of its name.


I really love the theme of this place. I’m a fan of how propaganda has been used during the ages to create an exaggerated sense of nationalism, and Zeppelin Bunker Bar is a veritable cornucopia of iconic Russian propaganda prints from WW II and the Cold War eras. The theme is carried through to their menu (renamed as a “Ration Book”), and the venue features exposed brick and wood – it really does give the feeling of being in a bunker.


But also not quite. The bar opens to a deck, where one can almost forget that you’re sitting in the middle of the capital city. And that’s what where we chose to sit. Nice, intimate little tables, under a canopy of green. Bliss!

It should be noted that this is not just a bar. They also make their own craft beer. I can’t
remember all the different types they make (I’m more of wine guy), but I tried the IPA, and it was delicious. They use the same kitchen as Blos Café, and give you the option to order either from Blos’ menu, or their summarised menu (the Ration Book mentioned earlier). In my humble but correct opinion, the bar menu is more than enough. It cover all the bases one needs when chilling at a laid back bar.


To start off we had the bitterballen and some Jalapeno poppers. Both were delicious, with the bitterballen coming out as our favourite. Both came with an incredible dipping sauce, which is apparently a tightly guarded secret.

After the snacks, I had the pulled pork sandwich, which was a real treat. Exactly what one would want at a venue of this type.


So in conclusion, we’ll definitely be back. I didn’t have to compete with plastic music conjured up by talentless hacks, and was not punched in the throat by a grown-ass man that enjoys watching 30 men touch each other inappropriately. Well done!



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