Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells, a.k.a. the day I realised I wanted a calf tattoo, and pink hair – and knee-guards

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Making use of this opportunity to look back at some of our weekend adventures in 2016!


BoozyFoodie (she said):

This was such a fun experience!  I just saw an ad on the internet and was immediately intrigued by the interesting title of the event.  Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells is a very unique event celebrating the Rockabilly subculture.  Food trucks, entertainment, cars and bikes, and ROLLER DERBY!  The Pretoria event took place in May at 012 Central, and was a real eye opener to me.  I realised that I was actually quite oblivious that this subculture – or at least to how huge and happening it is!  It was easy to fit right in though, as you walked in you could get a fabulous 50’s hairstyle by the guys and gals from Freedomhair in Melville. And glamour make-up from MAC 🙂

Everything you need to complete your Rockabilly look was available from gorgeous dresses to Manic Panic haircolour.  I honestly just sat for a good couple of hours to people watch.  Oh I so want to be a Bombshell!



One of the highlights was the Roller Derby (teams from the P-Town Roller Derby League – check ’em out on Facebook!) , and if you’re not sure what it is and how it works – believe me, I wasn’t either!!  After a brief introduction and explanation of the rules I understood a little better (still not 100% though!  LOL!)  Oh man, is that fun!  Ruthless and fearless women, with names to match their personalities and way of playing, on skates and then ‘Oh I so want to be a Roller Derby Girl’!  Wish I could skate though! So, not in this lifetime…. 🙁


And then, the Miss Bombshell Betty pageant!   And live music!  It was really great fun.  I must admit, looking at the Cape Town event (November 2016) it looks like it is a very diffent vibe – a lot more space, exhibitors and classic cars.  The entry fee was a little steep (only covered entry) and there were limited food options, so let’s see what 2017’s Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells holds for us!  Looking forward to it!

Oh, check out my ‘do’!  🙂



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