Hudsons a.k.a The Best Burger Joint!

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Noble Savage (he said):

I’m very wary of the whole “gourmet burger” thing that’s been going on for a while now. The main issue is the size. In my humble opinion, a burger should be able to fit into one’s hands. (So, only sliders for the Donald.) Grabbing a burger with your hands adds a tactile dimension to enjoying ones food. But look at most hipster’s Facetagrambook feeds, and I can’t help but wonder what these people are thinking when putting together a burger. When does it stop being a burger, and start being a multi-storey block of flats with off-street parking and communal swimming pool? How the fuck do you even eat it?!


Enter Hudsons. We visited the Hazelwood joint (part of The Club centre), which opened not too long ago. The décor is sort of industrial-minimalist, and is inviting while still remaining clean and fresh. There is an inside and outside area; we prefer the inside, as they have very comfy booths.


This was not our first visit, and it’s nice to see they have not let their service levels slide. Another big plus is the music – none of the assembly-line plastic bullshit pop one is bombarded with daily in the bleakness that is our reality. Nope, Hudsons opt for good ol’ Classic Rock. I’ve heard 70’s classics from the likes of Deep Purple and Jimi Hendricks, followed by gems from Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam. And the worker class background of Rock music fits in very nicely with their approach to their food…

Make no mistake; these burgers are gourmet. They’re just not the type of gourmet that everyone else markets as gourmet. You can actually handle these burgers with a standard pair of functioning hands. And the range of burgers on the menu is quite impressive. They have straight-forward classics like a cheeseburger, up to stuffed patty masterpieces with pretty remarkable toppings. And for the indecisive, they have a few slider plates for a more varied taste.

I decided on The Original Royale – a patty topped with bacon, cheddar, chilli, and battered onion rings. And what a delight! All the toppings mixed together so brilliantly, without taking any focus away from the perfectly cooked patty (medium rare, because well done are for monsters). Added to that was the Truffle Mayo Fries. And holy shit, what a revelation! I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to eat regular fries ever again.


I’m sure both of our regular readers would know that I normally only comment on the food I had. But with Hudsons, I think it’s only fair to mention the Tacos. About a week ago, we had tacos at a fairly new Mexican place in Pretoria that everyone is raving about. (I won’t mention names, but it rhymes with El Shitolero.) And the tacos at Hudsons are clearly far superior. From flavour to portion size to quality ingredients, rather pop in to Hudsons when craving a taco (note they have three variations, but hey, it’s a burger joint).

Apart from the burgers and tacos, they do have a wide variety of other dishes to cater for any need. But seriously, do your hands a favour and give Hudsons a go the next time you crave a burger. I would suggest sticking to the 180g option, as the 250g might become a bit cumbersome. You can always have a double order of the Truffle Mayo Fries.

BoozyFoodie (she said):

We are definitely in agreement – Hudsons is by far my favourite burger place 🙂  On the menu you will find an option for every taste – I usually go for the sliders (I can take HOURS to make up my mind – so this minimises the stress levels of those around me! LOL!) or The Stomper – a delicous veggie burger.  The drinks menu is very impressive – great cocktails (Pimms cup!!) and milkshakes!


This time I decided to try the soft flour tacos – and oh man!  Loved it!  Better than what I had at some of the Mexican eateries in the area.


Just look at that 🙂  Happy place!  Behold… the most amazing vegetarian (falafel balls) tacos around.  Good portion size and extremely tasty.

Currently my front runner for ‘Best tacos in Pretoria’.  I dare you -try it!


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