Gallivanting into the New Year

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Social Savage (he said):

We’re not fans of New Year’s Eve. Too many crowds, assholes shooting fireworks, overly optimistic resolutions – we rather stay home comforting the dogs. But the afternoons are much better. Fewer people about, you see? So we decided checking out a few places for an extended lunch.

We started off at the Bolton Road Collection. It’s in Bolton Road. And the good news is: they open early!

We only popped in for a drink, but the breakfast menu looks incredible. They have a nice variety of drinks that can be enjoyed in their funky bar. I decided on the Scallywag IPA, which I have not had before. And it’s not all that bad. Coupled with the laid back, urban vibe, we’ll definitely be back for a meal.


BoozyFoodie (she said):

A couple of months ago we noticed the construction going on at the corner of Jan Smuts and Bolton in Rosebank – so I was actually quite surprised when I saw that a number of eateries and shops have opened there recently.  That was quick!  And it is such an exciting little ‘corner’ – there are a number of shops and restaurants, I’ve also heard great things about Coalition (pizza highly recommended) and we even considered popping into the quirky Bar Ber Black Sheep (yes, a barber with a bar!) for a quick drink (and maybe a beard trim – not mine), but we will go back to explore a little further.

Anyway, that just a bit of ‘setting the scene’.  I am really keen to go back to Bolton for a meal – especially the breakfast options look amazing!  We went to the bar area for a quick drink, I ordered a glass of  cool Sauvignon Blanc and we just sat people and traffic watching for a bit!  A very chilled experience.

Social Savage (he said):

After that, we ventured to Hyde Park Shopping Centre to check out EB Social Kitchen. By the way, the EB is for Exclusive Books. So as you can imagine, it’s located in the Exclusive Books. And what a place!

The décor is a creative play on what a bar-slash-library would look like, and it’s very impressive. After ordering some drinks from their exciting drinks menu, we were feeling a bit peckish, and noticed the oysters. Not normal oysters, mind you: choices of either Gazpacho jelly, or a shrimp-mayo-type vibe. So we had one of each. And without a doubt, the best oysters I’ve ever had! Would be difficult to top that…



BoozyFoodie (she said):  I don’t have much to add, was totally fascinated by EB’s!   And just to say again –  those oyster were AMAZING!  And, you must have a cocktail – even if it is only for the quirky names – mine was a Catcher in the Rye – and it was really goooooooood!

Social Savage (he said)

Onwards and upwards! Last stop (we thought we could visit more places, but old age) was Ribs & Burgers, newly opened at Menlyn Maine. First off, it’s a self-service joint. It’s important to note that, because the majority of their unfavourable reviews are people complaining about having to help themselves. Obviously this is not a place where you can sit for hours, but it was perfect for what we wanted.

The burgers are well priced, and very tasty. The burgers also conform to my strict guideline for burgers (see Hudsons post). In fact, this might be one of my top five burgers. The burgers aren’t served with sides, but be warned: the sides are HUGE! We had the fries and onion rings (to share), and could hardly make a dent in it. And the manager offered us complimentary sweet potato fries, which added to our overall stuffed-ness. Good times!



BoozyFoodie (she said):

I was really surprised by Ribs & Burgers. Once you get used to the ordering system (give ’em a fair chance), it is smooth sailing!

I ordered a chicken burger (with a proper chicken fillet – not a chicken patty)  that was so juicy and tasty. Nothing complicated – just a good burger, exactly what I wanted.  And those fries (both potato and sweet potato!) and onion rings – perfect!


Our suggestion, for a great day out, is to go for breakfast at Boston Road Collection, lunch at Ribs & Burgers, and dinner at EB Social Kitchen (if you don’t mind zig-zagging between Jozi and PTA).

Now if only the Gautrain buses ran on weekends…



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