Tight Purse Strings Part 1: Lucky Rodrigo

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Social Savage (he said):

We’ve always enjoyed Lucky Rodrigo for it’s laid-back and easygoing vibe, but haven’t been there in some time. So it was the natural starting point for our “budget conscious” month, as the thing they do best is value for money. (If you haven’t seen our previous post, this month we’re looking for a decent main under R70 2017 – and tight purse strings.)


The day we went was wonderfully rainy and overcast, which is scientifically proven to be the best type of weather to anything in. They have both inside and outside seating, but obviously because of the weather, we sat inside. The passage to the side of the shop is covered, but the rain can get in through the sides (we normally go for the passage). The seating inside consists of old Spur benches – these were apparently bought from an auction. Luckily, they did not keep the god-awful cow print covers; instead going for a camo cover.

A pleasant surprise was the bar area at the back of the shop. The previous time we were there, it was just a room with a pool table in. SInce then, they built a pretty bar, with an aquarium and some chinese detailing at the top. And spoons. Lots and lots of fucking spoons! The ones your gran would buy while on holiday. I seriously have no idea where they got them all, but it adds to quirkiness of area (lots of other details about – spend some time and just move around).

The main restaurant area is inviting, with another bar full of interesting details. They have a wide selection of drinks, but what I always go for (and don’t judge me) is their “juice boxes”. Basically, a 500 ml box of wine. (Wine is made from the juice of grapes, so if it’s in a little box, it’s officially a juice box!) At R50, it’s not bad. Keep in mind, it’s not exactly Platter Guide worthy wine, but it does the job.

On to the food! They don’t have a gigantic menu, but they enough to please all tastes (also, large menu’s could indicate a “Jack of all trades, master of none” type place). Previously we’ve had some of their interesting spring rolls, which is perfect for sharing. I’ve never had their hot dogs, so I decided to go for the Dirty Rodrigo. It’s basically a footlong, with bacon, lettuce, onion, prego sauce, and cheese. Dirty indeed. And at R58, I think the bargain of the year! Quick tip – ask for extra napkins. This is one seriously messy dog! Everything in the dog works well, but the real impressive part is the prego sauce. I’m not sure if they make their own, or if it comes in a bottle from a shop, but it really gives the dog that extra edge.


Sitting writing this piece, we stumbled across their wine list online. If you consider this is more aimed at the student crowd, their wine list is not bad. I mean, they’ve got Le Riche Richesse on the list. Things sure have changed from the days when I was a student… In short, don’t be put off by me sticking to my “juice box” tradition at Lucky Rodrigo; they have more than Cardbordeaux.

It’s VERY early in the month to say this, but Lucky Rodrigo is my benchmark for the rest of the month. Everything on the menu is affordable, the vibe is awesome, and the drinks are plentiful. Do yourself a favour and visit this hole-in-the-wall joint in Hillside – they really have it all!

BoozyFoodie (she said):

Although our previous visits to Lucky Rodrigo were during the daytime, I get the idea that this is very much a student hangout at night.  And it is absolutely fine 🙂  We usually visit Lucky Rodrigo to snack on the baskets and decadent spring rolls (no ‘chinese’ style fillings in sight). But  it being January, I am on a health kick – okay, TRYING to eat a little more healthy, so I decided to ignore my ‘stuff my face with cheeeeese and deepfried shit’ cravings and politely say ‘no thank you’ to the starter menu and see if I can get a healthy, affordable meal. A meal that’s not salad….

So, I chose…. *drum roll* the chicken prego with salad!  And it was really tasty!   The chicken was succulent and delicous, and the prego sauce… what a winner!


It was a little strange getting a Greek salad in a hot/lukewarm pan, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker, it looked so pretty and colourful – and I just gobbled it up first!  They are not stingy with the feta and olives, and I didn’t just get a mountain of lettuce leaves (one of my pet peeves) like it often happens when you order any kind of salad at most restaurants.

EXCELLENT value for R60, don’t you agree?  (There is a ‘small’ chicken prego option available for R48, I actually think that would’ve been enough,because I was close to asking for a doggy bag).

A good meal – that didn’t break the already broken bank – on a rainy day in a cozy restaurant…. Just what the doctor ordered!



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