Tight Purse Strings Part III: 1855

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Noble Savage (he said):

We’ve made it to the third week of our budget challenge, and are yet to show visible signs of malnutrition. It’s been a good run so far, and this week, we made our way to 1855 at Lynnwood Bridge, Pretoria.


1855 is named for the year that Pretoria was established. As such, they have a wall full of Pretoria-inspired pictures.


We’ve been to 1855 previously for breakfast, and, after having the the Madame & Monsieur Croque, they know their way around a breakfast.


For this week, I didn’t have to make up any new rules. Their burgers start at R50, and go all the way to EXACTLY R70. I opted for the blue cheese burger. The size of the burger is within my very strict limits, and is served with a nice helping of chips. The burger was decent, but nothing to rave about. I must say the chips are awesome – nice and crisp outside, and soft and comforting inside.


I really do think 1855 is more of a breakfast joint. While there was nothing wrong with my meal (and the service was exemplary), it wasn’t quite up to the expectations set by our previous two outings. That being said, burgers might not be their speciality. I’m pretty sure I would be singing a different tune if I had the jaffle…

BoozyFoodie (she said):

As mentioned before, this wasn’t our first visit to 1855.  This is new and ‘different’ restaurant in a centre with a lot of established favourites.

And the memories that these old-school ‘crying boy’ prints bring back – think EVERYONE had one of these in their lounges in the 80s!  I want one 🙂


The first time I heard of 1855 was when it was mentioned in a restaurant guide’s online article (I think it was Eat Out Magazine?).  What grabbed my attention – the fact that there are JAFFLES on the menu!  Jaffles, flashbacks to Sunday evening dinners at home and kerkbasaars in the platteland.  A friend of mine from the UK visited a couple of years ago and we missioned alllll the way to a camping supply store (WAY out of my frame of reference! ) to buy her a jaffle pan to take home.

There are 3 jaffle options on the menu:  Bobotie; Chicken, Feta and Pesto; and Chicken and Spinach. And at a very affordable R55.00 each, I decided to have another Jaffle as my ‘budget option’.  The Jaffles are usually ‘stuffed’ to the brim, and 1855’s chips are really delicious and the BEST – they serve it with PUMPKIN FRITTERS.  Dripping with caramel syrup, this is so decadent and morish.

So, I’m adding 2 photos – one is the bobotie jaffle from our previous visit and the other one the Chicken, Feta and Pesto jaffel I had on Saturday.


dsc_0180Definitely a good value option!  The wine list is small, but have enough options – and is quite affordable.  And the service is really good.

If you are looking for some a little more interesting than the major franchises at this centre – try 1855 out, sure you will like it!  And have the jaffles!  And the pumpkin fritters!





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