Stanley Beer Yard: Craft Beer 101

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Noble Savage (he said):

As you may well know, Craft Beer has developed into a booming industry over the last few years. Breweries are literally popping up like mushrooms, and it seems that the thirst (pun intended) for the various brands are unquenchable. This popularity has led to some establishments being established around craft beer (you might remember our review of The Beer House). Stanley Beer Yard is another such establishment.


Stanley Beer Yard forms part of 44 Stanley, an upmarket boutique shopping centre in Milpark, Johannesburg. It has quite an interesting history, starting its life as the Automobile Association’s workshop in the 1930’s. When the AA moved out, vagrants moved in, and almost caused these buildings to be reduced to rubble. Luckily, the buildings were saved by Group 44, who tried to retain many of the 1930’s features.


Stanley Beer Yard will do these beer tasting events on a regular basis, so follow them on their via Social Media Channels for the details. They invite qualified beer judges (yup, it’s apparently a thing) to take their guests through the different beers, giving background to the type, brewing technique, and other interesting stories. The tasting will set you back R50, which is really not a bad deal. Disclaimer: we were hosted by the folks at Stanley Beer Yard.

On the evening we would go through five local craft beers with beer judges Wayne Johnson and Rob Cass. These two guys are very approachable when it comes to their passion, and one can tell they really want to introduce and educate everyone on the intricacies of beer. The beers we had started form light and refreshing, moving gradually to the heavier, hoppy beers. I quite liked the progression, as it allowed the judges to really get into different brewing techniques and history of the various types of beer.


I’m not going to go into details of the beers – you can go there and try them yourselves, you lazy bastards! Worth mentioning though is the Three Stags Brewery Moose Oatmeal Stout. An interesting, chocolaty, coffee stout that is the perfect after dinner beer. Much better than having a cup of coffee!


While tasting, our hosts graciously plied us with platters, and they went down a treat with the beer. Seriously, if you go for the tasting, treat yourself to at least one of the platters on offer. They have platter for most tastes – I preferred the sausage platter. They have various other food options, and I’m sure we’ll be back for one of their artisanal hot dogs.


I really enjoyed the evening at Stanley Beer Yard. The whole vibe is relaxed, while still focusing on imparting beer knowledge to both beginners and experts alike. There is no pretence here, just good beer and good company. Give them a try and I’m sure you’ll be back for more.


Just a note w.r.t upcoming events: these tastings will be scheduled on a monthly basis – the next one on the 6th of April will be hosted by “Hello Joburg” (ticket price to be confirmed). and







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