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Boozy Foodie (she said):


This year, on their 10th birthday, Wellness Warehouse is just going from strenght to strenght!  The first time I heard about them, was a good couple of years ago – and I was a regular visitor to their online shop.  Believe it or not, I am actually very aware of health trends and healthy food options, it is only recently that I fell off the wagon a bit (okay, let’s be honest – bliksemed off the wagon, with no grace or flair) – and gained quite a bit of weight. Less than a year ago I was one of the top group leaders of a very well known weight management franchise, and… I guess life happenend!

But I think that is why I love Wellness Warehouse so much – because it is a reminder that healthy eating is not that difficult – or as boring and bland as some may imagine it would be.  And a visit to Wellness Warehouse always inspires me so much!  It really awakens the inner ‘thinner and healthy me’ and I know I will meet her again one day!  🙂

Okay, that was very personal.  But I guess the reason for sharing this intimate detail is to say that I firmly believe that Wellness Warehouse makes healthy eating and healthy living convenient and accessible – not just for the super healthy know-it-alls, but to the general public as well – and a chubby chick like myself.  And I am thankful for that!

I’ve been a regular visitor to the various Wellness Warehouse stores in Pretoria – mainly at Menlyn Maine.  Quite a few stores opened that side of the valley recently, so it was fabulous to hear that the next one will be opening it’s doors at Clearwater Mall, in the West Rand. (#LiveLifeWellClearwater!)  Was thrilled to be invited to experience this brand new store!  And once again, Wellness Warehouse use the opportunity to show that healthy eating can be exciting – and very delicious!   I mean, just look at this spread!

We were treated to a breakfast of champions – gluten free muffins, salmon egg wraps, fresh fruit skewers, guilt-free pancakes with nut butter, delicious vegetarian quiches, fresh hummus, banting-friendly bread, tasty breakfast cups with coconut yogurt and nuts – oh my god, the list goes on and on.  And every bite was a real treat.  Not a sign of wilted lettuce or boring salads!  Just real good food.

The Wellness Warehouse Magazine, Twitter page, website and Facebook page provides a wealth of information and healthy living hints and tips – it will really help you to #LiveLifeWell  Check it out, I insist 🙂   Wellness Warehouse Webpage  and Wellness Warehouse Facebook Page

I have a few favourite products that I often buy at Wellness Warehouse – the one I use most often would be the chia seeds!  http://www.wellnesswarehouse.com/shop/foodmarket/superfoods/dried-fruits-beans-seeds/organic-chia-seeds  It features often on my breakfast menu, especially in ‘overnight oats’ or in smoothies 🙂   Here are some ideas https://tastehealthyum.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/overnight-oats-with-chia-seeds-3-variations/

Apart from the wide variety of ‘on the shelf products’ available (including skincare, beauty, aromatherapy, etc), what I enjoy most about Wellness Warehouse is their ‘fast food’ options.  No deepfrying or drive-throughs here!  With some inspiration from Antonia DeLuca from the wellknown Leafy Greens Cafe – just a fresh variety of wraps, salads and juices – convenient, and freshly prepared every day at the central kitchens in Pretoria and Johannesburg:

What more can you want 🙂

And then, some more good news!  As part of this ever-growing and successful company’s expansion plans (told you their on a mission to make healthy living accessible to the masses!), the next store is opening up at the Thrupps Centre in Illovo – like… tomorrow! #WellnessWarehouseThrupps!  Hope to see you there!








  1. Love that you included that personal bit! I drafted a post about the same struggle (I literally started it by saying how I’d propelled myself off the healthy eating wagon!), but it’s always hard to actually put it out there. So thanks for sharing. ❤
    Also, all that yummy, healthy food at the launch looks amazing! 😋

    • Oh, it isn’t always easy to be so honest – especially when it comes to weight issues… Sigh! But can’t be in denial forever – and it isn’t as if you can just ‘quickly hide’ a huge weight gain. So, I am taking it one day at a time 😉 Focusing on ‘healthy’ to the best of my ability – and getting by with a little help from my friends! xxx

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