The Flame: La Fiamma

Noble Savage (he said):

A few Saturday nights ago it was the wedding of two very good friends, so needless to say on that Sunday we were feeling a bit “under the weather”. Also, the Friday night was Whiskey Live, so we were both working on a two-day compound hangover. We initially wanted to braai, but quickly realised that neither of us could function well enough to operate any heavy machinery.

So when it feels like your body is giving up, there’s only one cure – pizza! Decision making was not a strong point, so we decided to go for our old favourite. Toni’s in Menlo Park. Which turns out isn’t there anymore. Fuck!


At this stage I was visibly showing signs of malnutrition. In the midsts of panic and gnashing of teeth, the name Al Fiamma came up. It’s located in a little strip mall just past Atterbury Value Mart, and since we were fairly close, we went for it.

This is quite a charming little space. It gave me the feeling of a neighbourhood Italian joint, similar to Franco’s in Joburg. The menu covers most Italian classics at a very affordable price. The wine list isn’t massive, but it caters for most tastes. And it includes Nederburg’s The Motorcycle Marvel, which I think is my favourite blend at the moment.

I decided on the Siciliana pizza – anchovies, capers, olives, and chillies. The pizza base is a bit thicker than what we’ve gotten used to, but it works brilliantly with the salty flavours of my pizza. Even with the thicker base, the pizza didn’t leave me feeling stuffed and uncomfortable, but it could also be the hangover’s effects.

We will definitely return for a visit. There’s so much still to try on the menu – veal, risotto, pasta, etc.

Our waiter, Ben, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. The setting is quaint and comfortable, and it helps that they have Aperol Spritz G & T!

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