May your Rum be spiced!

Boozy Foodie (she said):

Rum?  A rum FEST?  Yes, please!  I was very intrigued when I first caught wind of this unique event.  And yes, very unique because this was in fact the very first Rum Festival in Gauteng!  You know that we love our wine, gin and beer events here in Gauteng, but this is a brand new initiative. A ground-breaking move KleinKaap!

But, let me take a step back – Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel is in Centurion, and if you haven’t heard of it – or visited it yet, you are in for a treat. It translates to ‘Little Cape’ and it really feels as if you stepped onto a wine estate in the Cape.  It is probably most well known as a stunning wedding venue, and also hosts a lot of functions and fun events, like moonlight movie nights, etc.

But, on Saturday, we were there for the rum!

Like most people, my idea of a rum drinker is limited to Captain Jack Sparrow and that-brand-I-ordered-as-a-student-when-someone-else-was-paying.  So I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of rum available.

With a cosy fireplace crackling, and delicious eats on hand, we could explore at leisure!

I was surpised at the local South African Craft Rum exhibitors on display as well – I have heard that craft rum is the next big thing, and this is living proof that it definitely is!

Apart from being the first Rum Festival, it was also the first rum tasting competition – where all the rum on show was tasted by a panel of judges.  The decision was made to choose two winners:  Mount Gay won best imported rum on show and Mhoba Rum for best local rum – well done and well deserved!

It was such a fun experience – sipping cocktails, listening to live music, sampling good food and spending time with fellow rum lovers (yay Mike and Monica!).  I’m already looking forward to the next one!  Don’t miss out this time around!

Thank you for inviting us Kleinkaap – we had a blast!  Check out their Facebook page for more exciting events coming up: Kleinkaap Hotel Facebook Page Link

Noble Savage (he said):

So Rum. This was a first for me – the last and only time I have ever had rum was sometime during my early student days. It was too sweet, and I smelled like a sewage working pirate the next day (needless to say, it was crap rum).

Imagine my surprise when attending Klein Kaap’s first rum festival. Rum is actually a pretty decent drink! From the more budget friendly Tipo Tinto, to top shelf Mount Gay, there was something for all tastes.

I learned that coffee anything works very well with most rums, and that being rum tipsy is a very jolly affair indeed. New Grove rum from Mauritius was the find of the day, but all the other rums had their own charm.

After this, I’m definitely going to approach rum a little differently. The event helped me to move past the typical rum stereotype – it’s not just for pirates and ruffians, but also for bankers and ruffians!


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