Kitchen at the End of the Universe Quickie: Surf ‘n Turf

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Noble Savage (he said):

So it’s a long weekend, which will inevitably lead to a braai (or BBQ, if you’re from the colonies). As far as I know, a traditional surf ‘n turf is steak and lobster, but because of all the political fuckery going on, we’ll settle on cheap-ish prawns (Food Lover’s normally has some that won’t bankrupt you).

This one is very simple. Season your cut of meat with whatever you want – I like to keep it simple with garlic salt, pepper, and a bit of Italian herbs. Grill this to your liking, and let it rest.

The prawns are just as easy: marinade for about 30 minutes in garlic butter, and grill for about five minutes per side.

Normally, that should do it. But a while ago we went to the Fire and Feast festival, where we stumbled upon Delagoa Bay Piri Piri sauce, and in particular, their Piri Butter Melt.

The idea is simple: squirt the sauce over your warm food, and the (mostly made up of) butter sauce will melt into the food. And pardon my French, but it’s putain de délicieux!

Check them out at, or go visit the Portuguese Festival running from the 30th June to 2nd July at Montecasino.

So enjoy your long weekend, and live long and prosper!

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