How to Save a Marriage: Yoda’s Choice

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Noble Savage (he said):

In our household, having to make a decision on where to go for a meal is an arduous affair. Mostly because no one wants to take the blame if the restaurant is a bit shit. This then leads to all manner of marital strife, normally culminating in going to a “safe” option we’ve visited before.

In most instances where a choice needs to be made, but the parties are not able to, a mediator is called in. So that’s exactly what we did. And I think our mediator is by far the wisest choice. I present to: Yoda!

How it works: we each write down ten restaurants we really want to go to. These are then written down and folded into identical sizes, and placed in Yoda’s vessel of options. During the week, one of us will draw a name, and that’s where we’ll visit on the weekend. Simple!

So let’s see how it’s going to work out…

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