Momo Baohaus: Find your bowl, feed your soul

Noble Savage (he said): 

Some time ago, we visited The Shadowboxer in Greenside (click here). While driving down the street, we saw Momo Baohaus a bit further down, and still thought we have to check it out. That was eight months ago… So luckily Momo Baohaus was the next restaurant we drew from Yoda’s Vessel of Options™.

Momo Baohaus, Greenside, Asian Restaurant, Johannesburg Restaurant, BoozyFoodie, Foodieblogger, Johannesburg
Entrance to Momo Baohaus

First off, Momo Baohaus does not have a liquor license. They don’t charge corkage, so I walked down to the Woolies up the road for a nice cool bottle of Paul Cluver Pinot Noir. Take note: I’m not sure what their rules are regarding bringing your own alcoholic drinks, so please first give them a call before arriving with enough booze to stock a Boksburg bottle store on New Year’s Eve.

The menu is obviously Asian-inspired, and is surprisingly extensive. We started with a few selections from their tapas section. We decided to go for the beef potstickers, the firecracker prawn, and the szechuan prawn wontons.

Momo Baohaus, Greenside, Asian Restaurant, Johannesburg Restaurant, BoozyFoodie, Foodieblogger, Johannesburg, Asian Food, Beef Potstickers, BoozyFoodie
Beef potstickers

And it was a brilliant selection, if I do have to say so myself. All three were excellent, but the prawn wontons just edged it for me: the combination of peanut, chilli, and szechuan pepper oil with the prawns is so delightful, I would probably ask for these as my last meal.

Momo Baohaus, Greenside, Asian Restaurant, Johannesburg Restaurant, BoozyFoodie, Foodieblogger, Johannesburg, prawn wontons, BoozyFoodie
Szechuan Prawn Wontons

The main options for mains are either the bao buns, or one of Momo Baohaus’ speciality bowls. The bowls are interesting, as they can be customised according to your craving. But I was there for a bao bun – they’re not exactly called Momo Bowlhaus after all…

I found it very difficult to settle on a final choice for my bun.I was torn between the Chairman Bao (pulled lamb), Colonel Bao (crispy fried chicken), Deep Sea Bao (tempura prawn), and the Mighty Duck Bao (roasted duck). So basically half of their bao’s. Eventually after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided on the Mighty Duck Bao.

The whole serving of the bao bun is special. The buns are served in bamboo steamers, so it’s a steam event when lifting the lid. The buns are perfectly moist inside – I could eat them without any filling. Luckily, the duck filling was fucking awesome. It had a slight bite to it from the Sriracha, but not enough to spoil the subtle flavours of the Hoisin and plum sauce. If this is what the duck is like, I can’t wait to taste the other ones!

Mighty Duck Bao

For me, bao buns are a fairly new addition to our “normal” cuisine. And after our visit to Momo Baohaus, the duck bao bun might join with the ranks of burgers, steak sandwiches, fish tacos, and seafood pizzas in becoming my “quest food”. Can’t see one topping the Mighty Duck though…

I forgot to mention, they also have an extensive sushi menu. We were planning on trying some for dessert, but was way too stuffed after our meals. So there will definitely be a next time!       

BoozyFoodie (she said): 

I simply loved Momo Baohaus! Simple, but beautifully decorated – and like you read above, it’s been on our ‘to do list’ since forever. And it was so worth it! Thanks Yoda!

While I was waiting for Noble Savage to get us some vino to accompany our meals, I had a look at the drinks menu.  And there are really some interesting and different options – like some speciality teas.  With options like ‘popcorn tea’ and the ‘iron buddha’ there are some great non-alcoholic options indeed.  I decided to try the Turkish Delight Lemonade.  How lovely is this?

It was quite sweet though, but still refreshing.

Those ‘tapas’ style starters though!  Holy shyte….. I throughly enjoyed the potstickers, firecracker prawns and prawn wontons.  If I MUST choose a favourite this one takes first prize!

Firecracker Prawn

Spicy, but not impossible to enjoy.  A wonderful blend of taste and textures.  For mains I opted for one of the Momo bowls.  You start off by choosing between the ‘base’ of jasmine rice, smoked noodles or wokked greens.  So smoked noodles (carb lover) and Bangkok (Thai basil chicken, mint, chili, oyster sauce, red pepper, ramen egg, pickled shiitake and wokked greens)  for me!

So full of flavour, lightly stir-fried veggies with lots of crush and it looks oh so healthy!

Even if we wanted to have so dessert (sushi or a deep fried bun), we couldn’t!  A wonderful and filling meal.

I am glad we made reservations, because by the time we left the place was packed.  This is a very popular eatery – and for good reason.  One of my favourite restaurants visited this year!



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