#januworry: The Entertainer App to the Rescue!

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Noble Savage (he said): 

January. Where good intentions die a slow, painful death, and we realise that change isn’t as easy as we think. It’s a time were we try to be better, only to be put down by the realisation that we spent way too much money to try and impress people.

Luckily you can still go out to eat without spending an arm and/or a leg, thanks to The Entertainer App. For only R495 (Early Bird special offer of R295 at time of writing) you get buy-one-get-one-free offers at a wide variety of restaurants, as well as travel and lifestyle special offers. The cherry on top is that it keeps track of what you’ve saved so far, and by previous experience, we made up the subscription price VERY quickly.

Case in point: we went to The Belgian Triple for lunch today. It’s one of our favourites, plus we managed to save R155 while dining on awesome mussels and frites. Those of you not familiar with math, it’s already half the price of the early bird special….

So for the month of January, we’ll be visiting different restaurants around Gauteng using The Entertainer App, and tracking what we’ve saved. Join in, and follow the fun on #BoozySavageJanuworry and #SaveWithASmile.

PS:  This isn’t a sponsored post, we paid for our own Entertainer App subscription 


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