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Noble Savage (he said):

You might have heard of Come Wine With Us before. Hell, you might have read about it right here.  CWWU have grown in leaps and bounds, delivering the type of wine events very few others can match. And for the latest event, they ventured to Moyo at Zoo Lake with  Fleur du Cap to #ShareYourFlair.

If you’ve never been to Moyo’s at Zoo Lake, do yourself a favour and go for a sundowner. Sipping a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the lake is almost forcefully tranquil; the perfect way to end a pointless Thursday at the office.

(Speaking of perfect – we are sharing the official event photos taken by Alison Tu – here’s the link to the entire album to see all the full-sized pics:  Come Wine With Us Share Your Flair Event Album)

We started off the evening with the Fleur Du Cap de Vie Natural Light Chenin. This is the perfect wine for a summer’s afternoon; light, fresh, and with a slight hint of sweetness. And it paired wonderfully with the Gauteng sunset over the lake.

After a few of those, we took our seats inside for the food pairing. In keeping with Moyo’s African theme, the food would be served as sharing portions. So instead of being served your choice of starter, main, and dessert, you would have the choice to try them all. As a confirmed introvert with carefully hidden social anxiety, it was a bit disconcerting at first, but it worked way better than it sounds!

First up was the Fleur du Cap unfiltered Chardonnay. Spoiler alert: this was my favourite! It’s a proper full-bodied Chardonnay; layered, rich, with a subtle minerality. Paired with this glorious Chardonnay were two vegetarian starter things, and some of Moyo’s famous samoosas (curried beef, and cheese & spring onion).

The flavours of lime and jasmine on the Chardonnay complemented the spicy curry perfectly – hurrah for spicy food and Chardonnay!

The next wine was the Fleur du Cap Essence Pinot Noir.

It’s medium bodied, with hints of oak, spice, and truffles. Served with the wine was beef dombolo (tomato-based stew served with dumplings), Senegalese fish (grilled and topped with a creamy coconut, bell pepper, and mango sauce), and a brinjal dish. The Pinot Noir was a bit overwhelmed by the dombolo, but worked very well with the fragrant fish. Proof that you don’t HAVE to have a white wine with seafood.

For dessert we were offered a peppermint crisp cheesecake paired with the Fleur Du Cap Essence Pinotage. It’s a fairly full-bodied wine, and the plum and blackcurrant nose worked well with the chocolate sauce the dessert was served with.

Or so I’m told. I’m not the biggest fan of sweet things, but the wine was pretty good on it’s own!

And so all good things must come to an end. If you haven’t been to a Come Wine With Us before, check out their next event here (April 2018). I promise, you’ll be hooked.

Boozy Foodie (she said):

Attending any Come Wine With Us event is a truly unique experience.  It may sound terribly cheesy, but you really get the feeling that you are among friends. It is a very social experience, and more often than not, you will find large groups of friends, family, colleagues, etc booking entire tables to spend the evening together.  And yes, as much as the idea of talking to relative strangers terrifies Noble Savage a bit, we always end mingling with CWWU fans who shares the same passion – the love for great wine and fabulous food!

That is the way we were welcomed at Moyo Zoo Lake as well – with warm smiles!

And a hand-washing ceremony.

It was a feast of colour – do yourself a favour and check out the official photos on Facebook – Share your Flair at Moyo Zoo Lake. Keeping with the theme of the evening and the impressive restaurant, everyone dressed up with a bit (or a lot) of African Flair!

Moyo’s face painters made us all look extra special, and while the live music added to the relaxed atmosphere, it was totally possible to forget for a couple of hours that we were actually smack bang in the concrete jungle.  Pure escapism!

After dinner another flamboyant surprise awaited us. There are few things as impressive and exciting as fire-dancing!  What a thrilling display!

Charming hostess and the inspiration behind CWWU, Sybil Doms, has got the formula down to a tee – loyal, passionate wine loving friends, building strong and personal relationships, while showcasing some of SA’s most well-loved wines, pairing it with totally scrumptious food and the x-factor ability to make each event truly memorable.

Thank you so much for hosting us!

But wait!  That’s not all!

Stand a chance to win a mixed case of Fleur du Cap Wines! 

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  • Using the hashtag #ShareYourFlair, comment on this post – telling us how winning some gorgeous Fleur du Cap wines, will help you #ShareYourFlair, or show us how you #ShareYourFlair!
  • Keep an eye on my Twitter account, Facebook page and Instagram account for more opportunities to enter!
  • Closing date is 31 March 2018, so get those entries in!

PS:  We’ve got a few cases of wine up for grabs, so we can have a few winners – remember to #ShareYourFlair 😉



  1. Shahil Juggernath

    Looking forward to an autumn afternoon out with the Pinot Noir as it accompanies some earthy season food followed by some chocolate and the pinotage as Fleur De Caps allows me to #ShareYourFlair

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