Almost Orange Bistro: There’s a deer just outside eating fruit from the orchard!

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Almost Orange Bistro: There’s a deer just outside eating fruit from the orchard!

Noble Savage (he said):

If you get the above reference, maybe lay off Netflix for a bit…

Long weekends are always a good excuse to explore a bit. This year’s Easter Weekend was no different. We were in the mood to head out of the city for a bit, and what better place to go than Harties. Quick travel tip – take the N4. The “regular” route is clusterfuck of road works.

Tucked away behind Silver Orange Bistro in the citrus orchard lays the wonderful surprise that is Almost Orange Bistro.

Where Silver Orange is the more fancy-pants fine dining option, Almost Orange is more laid back and informal. The building itself is wonderfully rustic, with large wooden doors and window shutters all around the sides. At the back is a beautiful garden, right next to the orchard, where we were seated at a lovely, long table.

Right off the bat we were very impressed by the wine list, particularly the range of Portuguese wines.There really is a wine for every taste. We started with the Anthonij Rupert Terra del Capo Sangiovese, but went on to sample many other wines.

One of the more interesting offerings is Casal Mendes. Interesting, because it’s blue. But don’t expect it to be anything like that horridly disgusting blue bubbly that somehow infiltrates wine festivals like a persistent STD; this stuff is like a dry white wine. The blue colour is not artificial, but achieved through skin contact with the grapes. Next time you see it, try it – it’s a lovely refreshing wine for a hot day.

We visited Almost Orange with friends, so for lunch, we opted for some platters.


We ordered the mediterranean platter and the meat platter, together with the panzanella salad.


And as you can see, the platters look amazing.It’s perfect for whiling away the afternoon, catching up on some skinner, and generally just having a great time.

The pricing of the platters is very reasonable; in fact, we visited another establishment in Pretoria last weekend, and paid the same for a platter half the size of Almost Orange’s.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. After many bottles of wine, and a lot of food, it was time to say goodbye and embark on the drive home. Almost Orange bistro will definitely see us again. And soon.   

Fabulous lunch company, Stefan and Janthinus Schrage! Photo credit: Stefan Schrage

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