Kitchen at the End of the Universe: Pit Barrel Chicken

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I am a very lucky man! For my birthday in December, my awesome wife gave me a Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC)! It’s actually such a simple concept; hang the meat, and it picks up an incredible smoky flavour from the briquettes at the bottom.

So, when we received some Excelsior wines and Nomu rubs to experiment with, it was the perfect excuse to try cooking chicken in the PBC.

Preparing the PBC is a cinch! Light a few briquettes in a chimney, and allow to burn for about 15 minutes. Once ready, add the briquettes to the rest at the bottom of the barrel, and it’s ready to go.

This is probably the easiest way to cook a chicken in the history of the world!

Split the chicken along the breastbone and backbone, cover with good quality olive oil, and then cover with the rub.

Pitbarrel Excelsior Wines Nomu BBQ rub Foodblog

I chose the Nomu BBQ rub, as it should work well with the smoky flavours the PBC adds.

Insert the hooks under the wings, and then hang the halves on the hanging rods. Close the lid, and have a glass of

Based on its size, the chicken took about 2 hours. Just to be sure, always check the chicken’s temperature – it should be 75°C.

The chicken went wonderfully with the Excelsior Chardonnay – the light oak complemented the smoky flavours perfectly!

The fresh and creamy palate of the Chardonnay also worked well with the asparagus, which was surprising, as asparagus traditionally prefers a Sauvignon Blanc. This just goes to prove how versatile Excelsior’s Chardonnay really is!

A special thank you to Excelsior Wines and Nomu for our opportunity to share #excelsiorbraaitime #Ad

The PBC is available locally from the supplier, or from Mantality. Just note that the accessories, e.g. the poultry hanger, is not imported.

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